We've had a problem with people leeching* bandwidth for a while, but that's all part of running a website. However recently we have realised that it wasn't a problem at all. It was an opportunity to improve the quality of the interwebs. Just imagine, people are using our images in their blogs, sites and forums. Images that we control. And so dizzy from the heady concoction of newly discovered power and P.G. Tips we set about our task.

And now, for your entertainment, here is a small selection of the websites that we have improved so far :-


Mr Wonderful

I think this is a bloke. I wish we'd thought of this - Mr Schmaltz and Mr Twee Valentine Cards! Luvverly. Although I don't know any blokes who would post something like this so I reckon he is a girl. He is also a cheeky monkey!



We also scored some collateral damage with this one; a serial leech who's really into dogs. Nearly every picture on the site was hosted elsewhere:

To be honest, we haven't been able to figure out what the Presidential seal is doing amongst all those doggie pics. I think the CIA have been having some fun as well. We're just waiting for the complaints from his mum. If it's any consolation, the monkey in the picture was indeed called Labrador.


Didn't understand this - Unfortunately none of the web translators we could be bothered to look at speak leech. He seemed to be rabbiting on about Jesus a bit, so here's good old Aleister Crowley to make your day. Yes, he's dressed as Ali Bongo and has just pulled six loaves and four fishes out of his pants.




Mamacita H

I really liked this. Note how they actually believed us when we said that the pictures were little piles of Heroin! Wacky indeed...





And so there our little tale ends. Justice is served and we can all go to bed at night that much happier that somewhere out there in blogland, there are people scratching their heads wondering what happened to their pictures of puppies, gods and piles of heroin.

Bless you all and goodnight. May the love of Eris shine up you all.


*Just so as you know what were talking about Leeching is linking to an image on somebody else's web site rather than hosting it yourself. So the Leechee is paying for the bandwidth used by the Leecher.


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