A long time ago, before the internet came to destroy society, back when the only place to get porn was from magazines or bulletin boards at 9600kbps (if you were lucky), there were quite a few amateur magazines published on floppy disk. Most of these magazines were about computers, demos and the like. We decided that we would break the mould and create a ground breaking comedy magazine. It was called Lunchtime. Hardly anybody noticed.

Most of these magazines had music and we were no exception. But instead of the typical techno fare our resident composer produced an eclectic and original set of tunes that set us apart from the norm. Still hardly anybody noticed.

The music format of the time were trackers (Soundtracker, Protracker and so on.). But time has marched on and so we've converted them to MP3 for your listening pleasure.

File Size
Polish Opera Music 1.95Mb
Lunchtime #1
Our first disk magazine originaly didn't have music, but it was later re-issued for a new generation of computers and so we added this little ditty. It doesn't sound very polish, it's not operatic but it is music. Nice drummy bits.
Hamsters on the Prowl 0.84Mb
Lunchtime #2 Intro
For our second mag we had an intro animation, accompanied by this music which shares the name of the issue.
Dolphins and Little Men 1.40Mb
Lunchtime #2
Don't ask me what the title's all about. A lot of the music was inspired by the fevered dreams of the composer and the names reflect that. I really don't want to know what sort of dreams involve dwarves and sea mammals. I blame David Lynch.
Two Parrots in a Tree 1.43Mb
Lunchtime #3 Intro
This track which accompanied the intro animation to issue 3 was named after a joke: There were two parrot sitting in a tree, one parrot says to the other parrot, "It isn't easy being a parrot.". The second parrot replies, "It isn't easy being a parrot." Not a great joke but there you go.

Shot Four Times 1.08Mb
Lunchtime #3
I think this was named after the four bangy noises that feature in this track.
Toolshed Music 1.76Mb
Lunchtime #4 Intro
The title of the fourth issue was "Yul Brynners Memorial Toolshed", hence the name of this tune.
Somewhere Safe 1.97Mb
Lunchtime #4
Featuring David Dimbleby on the Shaker.
Running the Gauntlet 2.34Mb
Lunchtime #5
Like much of the Lunchtime music, this is named after a dream. The dream in this case, involved Captain Picard running through the back-gardens of houses whilst trying to avoid being hit by plastic, toy light sabers wielded by the angry householders. Really.
Gibraltar is Sinking 1.83Mb
Lunchtime #6
Another dream-inspired composition. A football match is taking place upon Gibraltar, watched by a crowd of Asian children. However, the action is hampered by the fact that the ball keeps rolling towards the middle of the pitch, making goal scoring difficult. The game comes to a premature end when Gibraltar sinks into the sea.
The Doggie and Harvey Theme 1.1Mb
Doggie and Harvey's Knockout
Many moons ago Lunchtime begat it's only game. This is the music from that game, and jolly good it is too.



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